Healthy Club Project

SafeTALK is a Suicide Alertness Programme run by the HSE. The purpose of the training is to assist those who participate to identify or observe the signs where people may be at risk so that they can be directed to appropriate and timely intervention.  The programme is set out in greater detail in the attachment – safeTALK Application and Information Cavan GAA 1st June 2016.

Following on from the joint launch of the Healthy Club Project (HCP), Killygarry and Cavan Gaels has organised a SafeTALK training session on Wednesday 1st June 2016. The training will take place between 7.00PM and 10.30PM in Terry Coyle Park.  The session is free and is open to all members of the local community. Please note that participation is not restricted to club members.

The programme should interest those who work with or come into contact with young people in particular on a regular basis (e.g. Team Coaches, Taxi Drivers, Teachers, Foroige Leaders, members of the Clergy, etc.). Participation in the programme will equip you with the observation skills which could help save the life of someone, perhaps  someone dear to you, a family member. The course requires no other future input from you other than to be observant. The tangible benefits include at some stage in the future being responsible for saving someone’s life.

The number of available places to Killygarry is 10. If you wish to participate please complete the attached application form and return as soon as possible to Kevin Reilly, HCP Project Leader: