Our Club Development Plan “Looking to the Future” was launched in December 2010 and has made significant progress since then. We continue to make progress in the areas of finance, accreditation, communications, coaching and games development. We also made progress on the infrastructure aspects of the plan. Considerable work has gone on in the background involving architectural, construction and grant matters using expertise within our own membership. The volunteerism shown by them is invaluable to us and nobody from within our ranks should underestimate the contribution that they themselves can make in some way to our Club. We are now at the stage where reconstruction of the main pitch is started and work on the track is ongoing.

By May 2012, work on the walking track around the back pitch has been completed and this pitch has proved itself as good as any in the county, having hosted quite a number of home fixtures already including some Senior mens and ladies fixtures. Foundations for a number of exercise stations have also been laid and it wont be long now before the stations themselves will be installed. Work has been gathering pace on the main pitch with the contractor ready to put the finishing touches to the surface before seeding. Work on the walking track around the main pitch will start shortly and is also expected to be completed within a short timeframe.

Anyone who has the interests of the Killygarry area community at heart is asked to join our capital fund-raising Club Killygarry drive now, if you have not already done so. The link will bring you to the brochure which will facilitate payments by regular deductions from your bank account. If you have any questions, contact Club Killygarry Designated Officer, Mark Greaney on 086 8392269. Mark has sole responsibility Club Killygarry matters and will treat all enquiries and contributions in the strictest confidence.

The Club is extremely grateful to all those who have joined Club Killygarry already. Your contributions are vital to the continued development of our club facilities for the use of the whole community.